1!1! Tyler Larson


1!1! Tyler Larson

"Visual art is how we decorate space.

music is how we decorate time."

- Anonymous

TYLER LARSON IS An instructor, PERFORMER, and recording artist who RESIDes IN windsor heights, IOWA. HIS 8-BIT MUSIC RECEIVED INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION UPON THE RELEASE OF THE 8-BIT HYMNAL COLLECTION IN 2013 via noisetrade. TYLER IS ALSO AN ACCOMPLISHED PIANO PLAYER AND PERFORMER, HONING HIS CRAFT AND SIGNATURE SOUND FOR over 20 YEARS. though classically trained, TYLER'S ORIGINAL PIANO COMPOSITIONS AND LIVE PERFORMANCES ARE REMINISCENT OF RAGTIME and early musical theatre works intertwined with the high energy vocal stamina that can be heard throughout the seventies and the eighties. Tyler larson is also a producer and audio engineer. HIS production WORK IS ABLE TO BE HEARD THROUGHOUT THE ARRANGEMENTS OF hundreds of tracks that he produced and RECORDED with artists at HIS LINCOLN, Nebraska RECORDING STUDIO (Good Times Studio) between 2011 and 2016.

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Fun fact: the “ 1 ! 1 ! ” was imagined to be a sound…
Vocally, it’s the words “Duh-Ding-Duh-Ding”
However, the pitches are meant to be single notes on a piano: D5-G5-D5-G5
Now, play them in the same rhythm that you naturally vocalized the words: D5-G5-D5-G5



Have a listen to Tyler’s discography! Every track is available for you to listen in full length! You'll find 8-bit music, piano music, Billy Saffyre music, guitar music, and so much more!


Tyler loves teaching all ages of students!
He’s a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist. He starts each of his piano students with classical training. Once the basics are acquired, he works with students on taking ownership of their musical craft by building/reading/hearing chord progressions, ear-training, composition, and performance mastery.


Tyler has a passion for songwriting and performance. He currently performs under the guise "Billy Saffyre". He records and plays shows around the midwest as “Billy”. Inspired by dueling pianos, Tyler created this over-the-top celebration of singing and playing. It’s an all ages piano and vocals show -with enthusiasm!